Naviga 2015 World Championship, Gorlitz, Germany

Photos courtesy of Christoph Schneider. 

The medal winners for FSR-V


Naviga 2015 15cc World Champion, Christian Hof


Naviga 2015 27cc World Champion, Mauro Braghieri


Naviga 2015 35cc World Champion, Gabrielle Beletti


Waiting for 27cc Final.

Naviga 2015 3.5cc World Champion Andras Berta



Naviga 2015 7.5cc World Champion Frederick Cederberg

15cc Junior Podium.


27cc Final Start




Opening Ceremony

The pontoon.


View from the competitor campsite.


Andras and Christoph, top qualifiers 3.5cc


Danny and Ludo

Valter and Sigurd


Spectators for Finals.